Dublin City / Liberties and Historic Quarter

Battle of the Axe

Online Comedy and Open Mic


Culture Night is back! Battle of the Axe had a very successful, first online nationwide show in September 2021 as part of Culture Night Ireland. The gig was highlighted at No 9 out of 1200 fun events for Culture Night by the Independent. The show delivered to its billing recommendation! They are now looking forward to producing their show once again from their website for 2022.

Stand-up comedy, singer/songwriters and open mic are premier features of the Battle of the Axe show. The gig is one of world’s longest established open mic clubs and continues to feature impromptu guest performances from established luminaries from the International & Irish Comedy, singer/songwriters & open mic circuit.

Time: 6.00pm - 10.00pm

Genres: Comedy

Features: 18+

Website: http://battleoftheaxe.com/

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