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Pearse Museum, OPW

Fragments of Nature in Patterns, Imprints and Voice: a special guided tour of the Landmarks Visual Art Exhibition at Pearse Museum

In Person

Join us for ‘Fragments of Nature in Patterns, Imprints and Voice, an informal guided tour by artist Beatrice O’Connell, South Dublin Collective, of the ‘Landmarks’ Multimedia exhibition currently showing at Pearse Museum. Landmarks Collective are Charleen Hurtubise, Lisa Dowling Scott and Beatrice O’Connell. The collective was formed in response to a shared concern with the fragile status of our natural heritage in the face of environmental crisis. ‘Landmarks’ is an exploration of humanity’s relationship with the natural world, and a lament for the mindless destruction we have wreaked upon it. While the exhibition draws inspiration from landscapes across Ireland, much of it is rooted in the hinterland of the Pearse Museum and St Enda’s Park.

Bookings by email at or phone at 01 493 4208.

Time: 4.00pm - 5.00pm

Genres: Visual Art

Features: All ages / Wheelchair accessible

Address: St Enda's Park, Grange Road, Rathfarnham, D16 Y7Y5


Phone: 01 493 4208

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