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Signal to Noise Loops v4

Online Installation


Signal to Noise Loops v4. is an online installation. It is a data-driven audiovisual piece informed by principles from the fields of Sonification, Generative Music, and Artificial Intelligence. Data from noise sensors placed around Dublin City is used to create the music and visuals. The first movement consists of data from March 2019, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The active and bustling nature of the city is well represented. The second movement consists of data recorded in March 2020 when restrictive and social distancing measures were introduced culminating in a full lockdown on March 27th. This section is notably more sedate. The piece attempts to reflect some of the transformations Dublin City went through during the pandemic.

Roddy’s work seeks to understand the human subject better through their interaction with technology. He is interested in the patterns of data we create as we move through the world and the wider implications of that process. As an artist, he explores how we interface with technology with a focus on the intersection between Artificial Intelligence and the Sonic Arts.

This online installation is available to view here

Time: 4pm - Any Timepm

Genres: Arts and Crafts / Audio Visual / Visual Art / Visuals

Website: http://www.stephenroddy.com/p/bio.html

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