Dublin City / Liberties and Historic Quarter

The Bretzel Bakery

Sourdough culture and the history of bread making at Bretzel Bakery

In Person

Sourdough (bread) culture and the significance of the Bretzel Bakery in this historic quarter will be the focus of this year’s talk, including how the food culture has changed in the 21st century, and lockdown sourdough mania. Outdoor talk (weather permitting) will be on the half hour, at 6:30pm, 7:30pm and 8:30pm, while the Bretzel Bakery itself will stay open until 9pm on Culture Night. A select range of sourdough bread, pastries, coffee & tea will be available for purchase and free sourdough starter culture will be handed out during the talk. The bakery owner for the past 22 years, William Despard, will share his passion for the baking industry in Dublin and relevance of real bread for the health of the nation.

Time: 6.00pm - 9.00pm

Genres: Craft / Food / Heritage / Talk

Facilities: Café

Features: 8+ / Wheelchair accessible

Address: 1a Lennox Street, Portobello, D08RK23

Website: http://www.bretzel.ie

Phone: 01 475 9445

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Booking Required