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St. Andrews Church presents spiritual music, heritage talks & exhibitions. The church has been a Spiritual Space at the heart of Dublin City since circa 1170 being almost 200 years in its current location at Westland Row. It has survived famine, war and pandemics. Past parishioners such as Daniel O’Connell, the Pearse Brothers and Countess Markievicz to mention but a few are entwined with the birth of a nation while other parishioners such as the Gunn Brothers, Signerson-Shorter, James Joyce have revived, preserved and inspired Irish Culture. The reflective Mortuary Chapel holds a statue of Our Lady of Sorrows by the hands of Willie Pearse. The church organ is a fusion of John White and Cavaille-Coll. The Victimae Paschali composed in four parts by the church organist Joseph Seymour circa 1870 has been sung every year since.

Time: 5.00pm - 9.00pm

Genres: Heritage / History / Music / Talk / Tour

Features: 18+ / Wheelchair accessible

Address: 44 Westland Row, Dublin 2

Website: http://www.standrews.ie/parish/

Phone: 01 676 1270

No Booking Required