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The Drawing School

A Glimpse Into Drawing: Open Day

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The Drawing School is a leading independent art school specialising in the teaching and research of drawing methods. Situated in a Georgian basement on Merrion Square, the school houses a Library of Master Drawings – a unique repository of visual culture which students engage with through the time-honoured practice of copying. The ethos of the Drawing School is to foster deep and contemplative observation, opening eyes to the overlooked. It offers a range of full and part-time courses which cultivate students’ vision and technique, developing the practical skills which underlie successful art and design. On Culture Night, the school will open its doors to visitors who wish to see the school and its collection.

Time: 4.00pm - 11.00pm

Genres: Arts and Crafts / Heritage / Visual Art

Features: All ages

Address: 74 Merrion Square South, D02 TK30

Website: http://drawing.ie/

Phone: 087 298 0409

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No Booking Required