Online Programming

Meet the Tinsmiths – James Collins and Tom McDonnell

James Collins and Tom McDonnell are two of the last remaining Traveller Tinsmiths in Ireland. Now retired and both based in Finglas, James and Tom have returned to the tradition of handcrafting household objects such as jugs, pails and ponchers, adapting their skills to more modern designs.

Originally from Edenderry, Co. Offaly, James grew up watching his late father, Michael, make tin items that were sold or swapped for food. Similarly, Tom McDonnell, originally from Kells, Co Meath, inherited this highly mobile craft from his father, as his family travelled the midlands. Both men are now aged 71 and the keepers of this craft.

Filmed by Barry Lynch.

Dublin Holds My Mind: Ephemeral Monument by Niall ‘Kurb Junki’ Cullen

Cullen’s commissioned work investigates ownership of public space and human connection while also reframing Cullen’s painting practice in a new context. The artist is currently documenting a series of moving portraits in Dublin. These portraits will be layered and collaged with moving paintings, animations and architectural documentation. The finished piece will be projection mapped at Barnardo Square, Dame Street resulting in a large-scale outdoor installation on Friday, 17 September.

Cullen’s work was commissioned as part of the Dublin Holds My Mind programme for Culture Night Dublin 2021. Supported by Dublin City Council. This video will premiere at 10pm on Friday, 17 September to coincide with the viewing of the in-person work.

Dublin Holds My Mind: Street Symphony by Irish Modern Dance Theatre

A live urban dance performance and film journey using Dublin’s streets and stones as a background and inspiration, by 5 exceptional Dublin-based dancers of vastly diverse dance backgrounds – from Brazil, Dominican Republic, Ireland and Poland. Street Symphony features five solos bursting from and melting into a hypnotic group dance, using themes of bloodlines, migration, assimilation and adaptation in the grey bricked landscape of Dublin.

Choreography: John Scott. Filmmaker: Barry Lynch. Dancers: Alessandra Azevedo, Vitor Bassi, Magdalena Hylak, Favour Odusula, Sarah Ryan. This work was commissioned as part of the Dublin Holds My Mind programme for Culture Night Dublin 2021. Supported by Dublin City Council.

Signal to Noise Loops v4 by Stephen Roddy

Signal to Noise Loops v4. is an online installation. It is a data-driven audiovisual piece informed by principles from the fields of Sonification, Generative Music, and Artificial Intelligence. Data from noise sensors placed around Dublin City is used to create the music and visuals. The first movement consists of data from March 2019, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The active and bustling nature of the city is well represented. The second movement consists of data recorded in March 2020 when restrictive and social distancing measures were introduced culminating in a full lockdown on March 27th. This section is notably more sedate. The piece attempts to reflect some of the transformations Dublin City went through during the pandemic.